glamour on the inside

Self acceptance and the beauty of life

Self acceptance and the beauty of life

How high maintenance are you?

Recently an interesting quiz came through my Facebook feed.  Called ‘How high maintenance are you?’ it featured a list of beauty-related activities with points for each one you did.  Kim Kardashian would score 7000. I scored 0.  The various items included all manner of make-up, lasering, straightening, dyeing, plucking, waxing.  Indeed the high scorer of this quiz would be a very glamourous individual indeed.  On the outside.

But have you ever thought about how to be glamourous on the inside? What would that even look like?

I think there are three things. 

The first is about how you’re feeling in yourself, riding that roller-coaster of daily ups and downs, and at the end of the day still feeling fine. 

Second, it’s about how and where you’re travelling on your life’s journey.  Does your life have meaning and purpose for you? Do you feel like you’ve achieved something at the end of the each day?  Little things like making a bed, or big things like work or careers. All sizes count.

Third, it’s about connection.  Those people around us who are our web of life.  Family and friends who get you, accept you for who you are, and encourage you to be the best you can be.

So I may score 0 on a glamour quiz, struggle to use liquid eyeliner and have days where my hair looks like a bush.  But I feel glamourous on the inside.  My life has joy and meaning.  My road might be occasionally bumpy but I like its twists and turns.  And around it all I wrap my web of family and friends.  When all’s said and done, this is what really counts, not I’m guessing, how many times you’ve lasered your eyebrows!

article by Dr Maria Hennessy