life balance

A well-balanced life is one that is rich with experiences, adventures, relationships, successes and failures that is meaningful to the individual and results in higher levels of happiness and wellbeing. 

We all want balance.  We’re are just not sure how to go about finding balance or where to begin.   And we feel that we don’t have the tools to find our way.  

Here’s a simple tool to help get started.

Life Domains - Are you neglecting any areas of your life?

Life Domains - Are you neglecting any areas of your life?

Using the chart above, rate each life domain on a scale of 0-10,   Zero meaning that this domain is being completely neglected;  Ten means that it’s getting as much attention as it needs. If any domain is getting an excessive amount of time and/or attention, you might want to transfer some of what you're currently putting into it, into another domain, one that needs more.  An excess of attention in one area usually means there is deficiency in another.   It isn't about giving equal time and attention to each domain, but it is about giving it the time and attention that is important to help you live a balanced life with meaning and purpose.    

1.   What life domains are being met well?

2.   What life domains are being neglected and need more time and attention?

3.   What action can you take to improve at least one of your life domains?

  • What? 
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Who with?
  • Why is this important?

As good as things may be, they can always be better.   And as difficult as things sometimes seem to be, there are always steps that we can take to move in the right direction.

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