can't decide?

How do we decide?

How do we decide?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  We are very good at making them most of the time.  Each day about 70,000 come and go through our minds and we barely notice them. But what about those decisions that trip us up, that seem to spiral without an end? 

Perspective helps.  One of my favourite music quotes are the lines: Got to keep my eye on the circling sky.  Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I. Our little lives are astonishing brief and utterly unimportant in the universal dance.

In about 120 years everyone on the planet today will be pushing up daisies.  We will all be forgotten in time.  Now this isn’t meant to make you feel like jumping off a cliff.  It is meant to give you perspective and space.  Give yourself a break.  Choose what will give your life meaning and purpose here and now.  In the great scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.
Armed with perspective, I then think of myself as a very old lady on my death bed.  Looking back will I regret not having made this choice? Not taking that chance? Having that adventure? The answer to that question usually clears the way and the path to my decision becomes clearer.
Not all decisions are created equal.  Just don’t get stuck in an endless spiral of not being able to make one.  Life is short.  Grab some perspective.  Chat with the old lady (or man!) Take a chance, and enjoy!

                                                                       article by Maria Hennessy