music to manage anxiety

Manage anxiety and stress with music

Manage anxiety and stress with music

Anxiety is a normal human experiences, but can become a problem when symptoms become frequent, severe or interfere with life.   Anxiety disorders are common and can be torment for the individual and their families.   If anxiety or stress is affecting you, learning to cope in healthy ways can be beneficial to your physical and mental health.  Psychologists teach CBT strategies, like slow controlled breathing, relaxation and thinking straight to effectively manage anxiety symptoms.  Here’s another, easily accessible tool – listen to music!  Using music as an anxiety or stress management tool is great for adults and children and can be used in so many different ways.

  • It can be used as a component of background noise when meditating and using deep breathing exercises;

  • Different types can be used to boost your mood and emotion (pay attention to tempo, harmony, and rhythm);

  • Calmer music can be used to reduce the physical effects of anxiety;

  • Tuning in to lyrics can be comforting, especially if the song has a positive message.

  • You can listen to it, create it, or play an instrument.

Whatever form you decide to use music in your life, the effects can be helpful. Neuroscientists out of the UK have found which tunes give you the most ‘chill’ for your musical buck.

Music can calm our body and mind

Music can calm our body and mind

Here’s the science-backed playlist of the 5 songs found to be the most relaxing or find the full playlist on Spotify.

  1. Weightless.  Marconi Union – The ambient zone just music café vol 4 8.00

  2. Electra.  Angelumen – Light through the clouds 6.13

  3. Mellomanian.  Chillout Mix DJ Shah.  The ultimate chillout collection 5.38

  4. Watermark.  Enya - Watermark 2.25

  5. Strawberry Swing.  Coldplay - Viva La Vida or death and all his friends 4.09

Finding health ways to keep anxiety and stress at bay will benefit your physical and mental health.   For help to manage stress and anxiety, try working with a clinical psychologist.   At Fulham, we have over 20 years experience helping people to optimise their mental health and well-being.  Find out more or make an appointment today.