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You know the saying, there are two certainties in life: Death and Taxes! But how often do we really confront the inevitability that we are just passing through this world? In the book, The Laws of Human Nature, Robert Greene concludes his final chapter with this comment:

“Many of us spend our lives avoiding the thought of death. Instead the inevitability of death should be continually on our minds. Understanding the shortness of life fills us with a sense of purpose and urgency to realise our goals. Training ourselves to confront and accept this reality makes it easier to manage the inevitable setbacks, separations, and crises in life. It gives us a sense of proportion, of what really matters in this brief existence of ours. Most people continually look for ways to separate themselves from others and feel superior. Instead we must see the mortality in everyone, how it equalises and connects us all. By becoming deeply aware of our mortality, we intensify our experience of every aspect of life.

While this may seem heavy and depressing, the truth is that death is central to who are. We can use this fact to help shape what we do, how we live and put perspective on things that matter or what doesn’t.

One cognitive re-framing technique for managing anxiety is to consider whether the thing you are worrying about, that thing that is keeping you awake at night, will it matter in a week from now; a year from now; five years from now or at the end of your life - chances are that it wont! Therefore, it might be reasonable to stop giving the worry any more time or attention.

Another way confronting our mortality can help us is by inspiring and motivating us to pursue the life and the things that truly matter - don’t put off until tomorrow what and who is important today!

To deny our mortality and that we only have a limited time on this planet is to live in ignorance.  You could leave life right now - let that shape what you do and say and think.

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