For business owners, entrepreneurs & startups

Transformer was created from a need expressed to us by local business owners looking for support in business, mental health and how to reach one’s full potential in life.    If you run your own business, there are numerous challenges that need to be tackled on a regular basis, from staff to money to growth. Even if your business is doing well, dealing with these issues is simply the nature of owning a business. Feeling supported and able to reach out for help when needed can be the difference between giving up or pushing forward at times. The support and friendship gained will be an antidote to ‘feeling lonely at the top’.

Transformer is more than an opportunity to learn business skills or coaching – while developing business knowledge, we also dive deep into all areas of life including work, relationships and personal issues.

Transformer is designed to push you out of your comfort zone because that is where real personal growth comes.

Transformer is a group for like-minded people to connect, and to share experiences and tools to succeed in business and beyond.   

Transformer is NOT therapy.

What’s involved

  • Small, face-to-face group of up to 6 local business owners

  • Meetings are held once per month and run for 1.5 hours.

  • Meetings are moderated by Lydia Rigano

  • Structured format and respectful of time

  • Confidentiality and group rules

  • Participants are carefully selected to ensure no conflict of interest

  • Goal = support and personal growth

Meeting Format

  • Arrival (5 mins)

  • Snapshot review of the month (10 mins)

  • Review goals and successes (15 mins)

  • Group share top issues (challenges and wins) across 3 life domains – work, family and personal issues  (25 mins)

  • Top issues explored and group share experiences and insights (30 mins)

  • Meeting closure (5 mins)

Call or email to find out more or ask if you are eligible to join Transformer.