two questions to decide if something is worth doing


There’s often a gap between ‘wanting’ and ‘doing’ for most of our big goals in life. Before you start trying to close the gap, ask yourself these two questions.  If you can’t say yes to both, the undertaking you’re considering may not be for you!

Do you want to do better?

Are you willing to feel the discomfort of putting in more effort and trying new things that will feel weird and different and won’t work right away?

If you can’t answer yes to both questions, you can’t make the change. You have to both want whatever the goal is — stop smoking, run faster, start a new job, make friends, lose weight — and be willing to do things differently than you have, while experiencing the discomfort that is inevitable.   Asking yourself these questions is a simple way to decide if you’re ready to grow and change.

Doing or learning something new means working muscles you haven’t been using, whether physically, intellectually, or emotionally.   Many people sit in the contemplative stage of change – thinking about what they might like to do different or better.  To move into the “ready for action stage of change” you must be really willing to get out of your comfort zone, get uncomfortable for a while in order to change. Saying yes to these 2 questions is no guarantee you will succeed, but at least you’ll be realistic in what to expect when you’re trying to improve.