the perfect storm


Have you ever had one of those days when your life goes from some kind of wonderful to the perfect storm? Those single days when it feels like your entire life has gone over a cliff.

How do you survive the cliff drop? How do you hang in there and bounce back from bad times?

There are two tiny tips that might help.

The first involves being able to describe to yourself exactly what is happening and how it makes you feel.  The very act of acknowledging this begins to lessen the load of the negative moment.

The second is the singular recognition that nothing in life is permanent. All things are part of life’s daily dance of endlessly shifting possibilities.  Joy, happiness - these feelings pass.  So too do those many negative emotions that trip us up and grab our attention so easily - hate, despair, anger, fear.  These too won’t last, and they will all pass.

So try these on for size the next time you find yourself unexpectedly facing that cliff drop or perfect storm. These tiny tips might help you keep moving forward.  #Mentalnote #BestLife

article by  Dr Maria Hennessy

Lydia Rigano