the balancing act

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Four months into the year, and I feel like I’m missing something.  What can be done to recapture the promise of the happy new year?


It’s not just about happiness. If you could take a pill that would make you permanently happy, you probably wouldn’t.  It’s more about rolling with the bumps of life’s ride.  It’s about understanding your own wellbeing, not just happiness.

For wellbeing isn’t just one thing. It includes a balance of positive and negative emotions, and feeling satisfied with your life.  It means having something that you really enjoy doing, and having good relationships with friends, family and yourself. It means feeling that your life has meaning, and that you are able to follow your own goals.

Finding your wellbeing starts with one tiny task – just be, don’t do.  No need to search, struggle or strive.  No more self-help books.  No new gym memberships. Sit quietly, maybe with a tea or coffee.  And just be. Be still.  Breathe.  Look up.  You are taking an important first step to wellbeing.  Just be. Stay tuned for next month, when we’ll look more at your wellbeing and ways to grow.

article by Dr Maria Hennessy