10 Questions to boost Motivation

Finding the motivation to begin tasks or achieve goals can be tough.   Keeping up the motivation over time can be even more difficult.    Motivation and getting started can be even more difficult when we experience depression, anxiety or stress.  

Consider these questions to help ignite the engines of motivation and keep up your enthusiasm toward achieving your goals.

1. Why is achieving this goal important to me? 

Why does success in this area matter?  Our values are our motivators, so by exploring your values, you will be able to tap into your motivation.

2. What steps can I take to move closer to my goal?

Big goals can be overwhelming and extinguish motivation. Breaking your goal into small, manageable steps can help you focus, but also will help you take small actions towards your objectives. Seeing progress greatly boosts motivation.

3. What would be the consequence(s) if I didn’t achieve this goal?

Discomfort motivates people to change. Sometimes the negative consequences of not doing something are too unpleasant and you can feel motivated to achieve your goal in order to avoid a negative consequence. 

4. What stops or reduces my motivation?

Know what helps and what hinders your motivation – eliminate the barriers and increase whatever increases the likelihood of success.

5. How do I sabotage my own success and motivation?

The way we think influences the way we behave and negative thoughts and limiting self-beliefs can sabotage your motivation. Recognise unhelpful thoughts and deal with them one by one.

6. What new habits can I create to increase my motivation?

It is much harder to break old habits and negative patterns of thinking than it is to create new, positive habits.  Or pair a new habit with an existing good habit to increase the chance of it sticking.

7. How can I remind myself to stay motivated?

Having visual prompts, pictures and cues can help direct you toward what you want or don’t want.

8. Who can support me?

Being accountable can increase your motivation. Share your successes, ideas and concerns can help keep motivation strong.

9. How will I reward myself for progress?

Knowing that there is a reward or treat for your efforts can help you stay motivated but keep the reward dependant on progress. 

Finding your Why

If you want to dive deeper to understand what motivates you in the bigger picture of life, consider these questions.

What makes me feel alive? Connect with what you enjoy, value or feel passionate about.

What are my strengths? For a free strengths survey visit www.viame.org.

Where do I add greatest value? Know how you can add the most value by applying your education, skills, knowledge and experience.

What is important to me and “why” is it important?  How will you measure your life? Living with purpose means focusing on things that matter most.

If finding motivation, purpose or meaning is important to you but remains elusive, try working with a clinical psychologist.   The team at Fulham Consulting can help you through the obstacles in your way and provide the tools to reach your goals in person or online.