Finding Purpose - What is your Why?

If you want to dive deeper to understand what motivates you in the bigger picture of life, consider these questions.

What makes me feel alive? Connect with what you enjoy, value or feel passionate about.

What are my strengths? For a free strengths survey visit

Where do I add greatest value? Know how you can add the most value by applying your education, skills, knowledge and experience.

What is important to me and “why” is it important?  How will you measure your life? Living with purpose means focusing on things that matter most. Continue to ask and “why is this important” at least 4 times until you get to the underlying value.

If finding motivation, purpose or meaning is important to you but remains elusive, try working with a clinical psychologist.   The team at Fulham Consulting can help you through the obstacles in your way and provide the tools to reach your goals in person or online.