Everyone gets anxious from time to time.  For some, anxiety becomes so frequent and severe, that it begins to take over their lives. How can you tell if everyday anxiety has crossed the line into a disorder? It's not easy because anxiety comes in many different forms - like panic attacks, phobia, and social anxiety - and the difference between an official diagnosis and "normal" anxiety isn't always clear.

Answer these 13 questions to see if anxiety may be a problem for you

  1. Do you worry excessively about the future or bad things happening (for example, earthquakes, a loved one getting hurt or sick, failing a test)? Yes / No
  2. Do you often feel restless or on edge? Yes / No
  3. Do you have trouble sleeping because your mind is racing with thoughts? Yes / No
  4. Do you experience a lot of headaches or stomach aches? Yes / No
  5. Do you often experience nightmares? Yes / No
  6. Do you often feel uncomfortable in social situations or when talking to unfamiliar people? Yes / No
  7. Do you spend a lot of time worrying about what other people think about you? Yes / No
  8. Do you spend at least an hour a day repeating things, such as washing, checking, arranging, or counting? Yes / No
  9. Do you spend a lot of time trying to make things perfect? Yes / No
  10. Do you have sudden rushes of intense fear or anxiety? Yes / No
  11. Are you afraid to be alone or do things on your own? Yes / No
  12. Do you have a strong fear of specific situations or things, such as blood, needles, heights, water, small spaces, flying, animals, or insects? Yes / No
  13. Do you often avoid going places or doing things because you feel anxious? Yes / No

This quiz is not meant to diagnose actual anxiety problems, but to indicate whether anxiety might be a problem for you. If you answered β€œyes” to any of these questions, you may have a problem with anxiety - talk to your GP or call to see how we can help to manage anxiety and live your best life.